Organicup Guarantee

Sustaination Indonesia, as the official stockist of OrganiCup in Indonesia, is eligible for giving our customers OrganiCup’s Satisfaction and Size guarantee. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is subject to these terms and conditions:โ€‹

  • The Satisfaction Guarantee only applies to the following products: OrganiCup size Mini, A and OrganiCup size B
  • You may claim the Satisfaction Guarantee 90 days after the purchase date
  • You are only entitled to 1 size-exchange and 1 refund per order
  • The Satisfaction Guarantee is valid 1 year from the purchase date
  • The Satisfaction Guarantee is valid if you have purchased the OrganiCup directly from Sustaination Indonesia Webstore, Our Tokopedia, or Our Shopee account. It is required that you provide proof of purchase from Sustaination Indonesia Webstore, Tokopedia or Shopee

In order to claim the Satisfaction & Size Guarantee, you must fill out the following form:

  1. Your name:
  2. Order number/copy of receipt:
  3. The reason that youโ€™re claiming the guarantee
  4. Please send the above form to  :

OrganiCup support team will be in touch with you

If you claim the guarantee, you are required to return your items to the following address:

โ€‹OrganiCup Aps
Ryesgade 23, 2. sal.
Kรธbenhavn N 2200